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Our educational mental illness seminars are to encourage persons with mental illness and their families as well as addressing stigma and misinformation on mental illness. Listed below are the subjects we caver at churches and other organizations:

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Compassion Ministries support groups are Christ-centered gatherings for persons with mental illness and family members, which lead to recovery and advocacy.

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Educational Seminars


  • Dispelling the myths and stigma about mental illness
  • People sharing their personal stories with these illnesses
  • A mental health professional speaking about medications and therapies on these disorders
  • Hands on experience by the class concerning on of these illnesses
  • Community services available
  • Practical ways your church or organization can provide help persons living with these illnesses and their families in your congregation and community
We would like to speak to your church or organization on this subject. 
Please contact us at our email listed or phone us at (541) 928-6382.​


People with a mental illness usually isolate themselves. Many of them have been hospitalized and institutionalized for years. They have been told what to do most of their lives. These persons do not trust people. They feel abandoned, abused with a lack of purpose in their lives. These special people need a friend to listen to them not tell them what to do or give them advice. Our Friend-to-Friend ministry trains volunteers to be listeners not advice-givers. They are to be encouragers. These volunteers meet with them on a weekly basis.
If you are living with a mental illness and needing such a friend, please contact us by email or phone as listed in our material. Also, we are in need of Christian volunteers to be listening ears and encouragers. Please contact us if you are interested or have further questions.


Listed below are some standards for the support group:

  • Respect confidentiality
  • Model being a good listener not advice-giver
  • Be willing to share your life experiences with the group
  • Move from being a victim to an advocate
  • Meets twice/month

Please contact us if you are interested or have further questions.

P: (541) 928-6382
EMAIL:  mt2540@compassionministries.org