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Although each of us may experience one or more of these symptoms at one time or another, we should become concerned and get help if they persist or recur frequently. One or more, but not all, may be present as warning signs of #mentalillness.

o        Marked personality change over time

o        Confused thinking; strange or grandiose ideas

o        Prolonged severe depression; apathy; or extreme highs or lows

o        Excessive #anxieties, fears or suspiciousness; blaming others

o        Withdrawal from society, friendlessness; abnormal self-centeredness

o        Denial of obvious problems; strong resistance to help

o        Thinking or talking about #suicide

o        Numerous, unexplained physical ailments; marked changes in eating or sleeping patterns

o        #Anger or hostility out of proportion to the situation

o        #Delusions, #hallucinations, hearing voices

o        Abuse of alcohol or drugs

o        Growing inability to cope with problems and daily activities such as school, job or personal needs

Source: American Mental Health Fund 

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                                   1  IN 5 AMERICANS SUFFER FROM MENTAL ILLNESS

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n 5 Americans suffer from Mental Illness, many misunderstood. Help Stop the STIGMA.